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Other Modalities - Essex County Acupuncture in Peabody, MAMoxibustion involves heating either the skin or the needles with mugwort herb (known as moxa). Moxibustion stimulates circulation and counteracts cold and dampness in the body. This safe, non-invasive technique is generally used in conjunction with acupuncture.   It is especially helpful for those who feel worse in cold and damp weather. 

Tui Na

Tui na is a powerful form of Chinese medical bodywork. Based on the same Oriental medical principles as acupuncture, tui na seeks to improve circulation throughout the body. Tui na is particularly effective for conditions involving muscles, tendons and joints, structural misalignment, orthopedic problems, and sports injuries.  

Essex County Acupuncture offers in Peabody, MA


Cupping is an ancient technique used in many cultures in which a special cup is applied to the skin and held in place by suction. The suction draws superficial tissue into the cup. Cupping brings fresh blood to the area and helps improve circulation. It is great for muscle tension as well as respiratory disorders.