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My love for animals brought me to Acupuncture.  When I graduated college in 1999 I adopted two senior dogs, Chucky and Deegan.  Chucky was 14 and had an aggressive form of blood cancer.  Sadly he only lived 3 months.  The vets did everything possible to keep him alive and looking back, I wish we helped him to pass peacefully.

When Deegan got sick in 2003 I was determined to find a more gentle way.  We found a wonderful Acupuncturist who agreed to treat her.  She had 2 treatments a week for the next 13 months and the results were incredible right from the beginning.  Her car sickness was no longer an issue, her hip dysplasia appeared to improve, her digestive issues resolved, and she acted like a puppy until she passed on her own.

I attended the New England School of Acupuncture from 2005-2010 and graduated with a Master's Degree in Chinese Acupuncture Studies.  I have been a full time Acupuncturist since June 2010.  My favorite thing about Acupuncture is that it really focuses on improving the quality of life, regardless of the condition we are treating.  I've seen so many miracles over the years, both as a practitioner and as a patient.  I feel so blessed to have a job that I love and am so grateful for all the wonderful people I have met on this journey.  Acupuncture has really changed my life and it is my hope that my patients are able to say the same.


2 Bourbon Street, Suite LL03
Peabody, MA 01960


Weekdays:11:00 am-9:00 pm                                                 Weekends:12:00 pm-6:30 pm                                      

Hours are flexible and by appointment only. 

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